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Mayer Luigi, “Ruins of an ancient temple near Corinth”, in Views in the Ottoman Empire, chiefly in Caramania, a part of Asia Minor hitherto unexplored; with some curious selections from the islands of Rhodes and Cyprus, and the celebrated cities of Corinth, Carthage, and Tripoli: from the original drawings in the possession of Sir R. Ainslie, taken during his embassy to Constantinople by Luigi Mayer: with historical observations and incidental illustrations of the manners and customs of the natives of the country, Lithograph, London, 1803/1776?.
Gell William, “Corinth”; sheet 3 from sketch-book 9; view of Corinth; town at foot of mountain, British Museum, Sir William Gell collection, Sketch Graphite, Museum number 1853,0307.574, 1811.
Cockerell Charles Robert, “Corinth”, British Museum, Graphite and watercolour, 36,50x26,30, Museum number 2012,5001.247, Inscribed by Charles Robert Cockerell in graphite at bottom right: "Corinth" , at bottom left: "on board. 19 April.", 1810-15.
Cockerell Charles Robert, “View of Corinth with the Temple of Apollo in the centre Graphite”, British Museum, Museum number 2012,5001.244, Graphite, 1810-15.
Haller von Hallerstein Carl, “Gehöfte um den Apollontempel von Korinth“, Freiherr von Lallersche Familienstiftung, Korinth 1601, pencil drawing 20x32,20, dated 13.9.1810.
Haller von Hallerstein Carl, “Panorama von Korinth mit Akrokorinth“, Freiherr von Lallersche Familienstiftung, Korinth 1611, pencil drawing 22x70,70, Octobre 1811.
Williams Hugh Williams, “Remains of an ancient temple at Corinth. Mount Citheron in the distance”, (drawn by Williams, engraved by Lizans, W.H.), in Select views in Greece with classical illustrations, engraving, 8x12, London, 1829.
Otto Magnus von Stackelberg, "Vue de Corinthe. Prise du pied de la citadelle".
Stackelberg Otto Magnus von, “The bazaar at Corinth”, in Trachten und Gebräuche der Neugriechen, lithograph, Βerlin, 1831.

Stuart James, Revett Nicholas, engraved by Trojani F., “View of the ruins of the temple at Corinth:"  in The Antiquities of Athens, vol. 3, engraving, London, 1794 or 1758. (“Avanzi di un tempio dorico”, 1830)




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