Sikyona arched bridge Tourkogefyra over the Asopos river, near Vasiliko (Sikyona)

Τhe Sikyona arched bridge as spotted from the main village.













The area of the Sikyona arched bridge, close to the main highway.






































There are a few bridges in Corinthia, some dating from the Ottoman period. The largest bridge is the one over the Asopos river near Vasiliko (Sikyona). 

Heading from Sikyon to Corinth, the road crosses the Asopos bridge, at the direction of Saitaiika. Built of hewn sandstone, it has a large central arch, a section of circular arch, or rather a rough ellipse, through which the river flowered. Two small relieving arches at its base flank the arch symmetrically. The roadbed that passed over it was flagstoned and elevated at the peak of the arch, forming inclines on the two sides.

Eleni I. Kanetaki

“Mikri Vrysi” (Small Fountain) Agios Nikolaos church

The arch of the bridge: constructional interventions are noticed. The facade towards the highway.The facade towards the settlement.Structural interventions at the bridge's main arch.


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