Sikyona fountain “Mikri Vrysh”

Alongside the gully at the south of the village, walking down from the eastern slope of the plateau, two fountains of Late Ottoman origin can be traced. 

The Mikri Vrysi fountain, as locals call it (Μικρή βρύση, “Small Fountain”) is 3,10 wide, reaching the height of 1,26. The two niches, which are found along the fountain’s main forehead, are crowned with a decorative arched contour that resembles relevant arches found in other fountains of the area.

Eleni I. Kanetaki

“Megali” or “Palia Vrysi” (Big Fountain) Sikyona arched bridge “Tourkogefyra”


Sikyona, Mikri Vrysi ( niches at the fountains in Ancient Corinth and in Anaploga area.The fountain at the 3rd enclosure of Acrocorinth castle and detail of a niche at the fountain of the 2nd enclosure.

The Mikri Vrysi architectural survey facade (Kanetaki E., 2015)
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