Ancient Sikyona (Vasiliko)

The settlement of Sikyona (Google earth).lezanta

Sikyona fountains (“Megali” or “Palia Vrysh” and “Mikri Vrysi”)

Alongside the gully at the south of the village, walking down from the eastern slope of the plateau, two fountains of Late Ottoman origin can be traced. The Mikri Vrysi fountain, as locals call it (Μικρή βρύση, “Small Fountain”) and the Megali Vrysi, (Μεγάλη βρύση, “Big Fountain”) at its southern and northern bank. The Megali Vrysi is also referred as the Palia Vrysi (Παλιά βρύση, “Old Fountain”).

The two fountains are traced in the gully: the small one at the southern side is still equipped with running water, while the second one –and oldest one, can hardly be recognized as it is lost behind the vegetation that covers the gully’s northern slope.

Hammam at the lower city behind the Tekke “Megali” or “Palia Vrysi” (Big Fountain)
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