Bath (hammam) close to the 3rd gateway of the 3rd precinct

Acrocorinth castle: remains of the hamam close to the third Gate (Google earth).

Parts of an Ottoman bath (hamam) are traced close to the main gate of the third enceinte. Its general layout scheme is though impossible to be architecturally surveyed-measured and drawn, as most of the initial structure is covered by debris.
The remaining dome that covers its surviving rooms can easily be distinguished, under the so called Fetihye cami.
The only distinguishable room of the bath had been formerly architecturally surveyed as an almost square shaped room measuring 3,50x3,40 m., and was part of a bigger construction with other rooms, a study that can not be accomplished, due to the mass of scattered damaged masonry.
Mosque at the top of the citadel Hammam close to the Sultan Mehmet II mosque


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Eleni I. Kanetaki

The site of the hamam close to the third Gate. Remains of the hamam close to the third Gate. The entrance into the hamam close to the third Gate. Details of the vertical and horizontal ceramic tubes for smoke and hot air circulation.The domed room of the hamam and indications of its other spaces.

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