Bath (hamam) close to the plateau at the right of the main path up the castle.

Acrocorinth castle: remains of the hamam close to Sultan Mehmed's mosque (Google earth).

The small bath, with general dimensions 4,06x7,10m is traced along the main path leading towards the plateau of the byzantine reservoir and the mosque of Mehmed the Conqueror. Its foundations are set at a lower level, and the bath is not visible from the main path.

The building presents two almost square shaped adjoining small rooms, separated by an arch, which were once covered by domes, now collapsed. Other auxiliary rooms, such as the reservoir/furnace room that must have existed, seem to have disappeared-damaged.

The present condition of the monument doesn’t facilitate its thorough study, as it shows evident signs of neglect, while the lack of any archaeological excavation does not offer any hint about the building's constructional evolution.

Hammam (remains) close to the third Gate Small hammam close to the Beyzade mosque


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Eleni I. Kanetaki

The hamam, as traced along the Acrocorinth main pathway.Remains of a hamam with two small -once domed- rooms located close to the Byzantine reservoir platform. The interior of the small hamam. An arch connects the two rooms of the bath.The interior of the bath: semicurcular arches are traced along each room's facades. 

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