Mosque close to the third Gate (the Fethiye mosque?)

Acrocorinth castle: traces of the mosque close to the third Gate (Google earth).

The Fethiye mosque could possibly be located in the jumble of columns and architectural fragments found at the left of the main street, just inside the third gate of the fortifications.
As Evliya Celebi narrates, “…There are altogether four important places of prayer. One of these is the mosque of Mehmed the Conqueror, an abbreviated but serviceable place of worship of the old sort. There is also the Beyzade mosque, and the Ahmed Pasha mosque. The Fethiye mosque was originally a Christian church, but was later converted to a mosque. In addition to these there are 2 neighborhood mosques, …”

The surviving masonry walls, following the form of almost a square shaped building (with general dimension 8,50x9,50 m), allows the attribution of a common type of mosque ground floor plan, equipped with a portico, as the existing 9 stone pilasters strongly evidence. Its main entrance was set at northwest. The façade must have had a centrally placed entrance door with two adjoining windows, while the mihrab is traced by the semicircular niche of the southern wall. The northeastern façade must have presented four windows, opening to the covered portico (riwaq) placing the main hall of the mosque.

The remains of the mosque are difficult to be represented, as the area is covered by vegetation and other architectural remains scattered around it. The mosque has been constructed on a platform, under which one of the three Ottoman baths (hammams) was built.
Sultan Mehmed II mosque & minaret Temple/mosque at the top of the citadel


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Eleni I. Kanetaki

Third Gate area: The entrance at the 3rd enclosure and the site of the mosque.The site of the mosque close to the 3rd gate as seen from the north.Remains of the mosque close to the third Gate.The entrance to the mosque.Pilasters from the once covered portico (riwaq).The main prayer hall room of the mosque and its mihrab niche.The mosque's semicircular mihrab niche.

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